Which Animals Sleep For A Long Time In A Day?

Which Animals Sleep For A Long Time In A Day?

Animals Sleep
It is the human being which is said to be the workless living being on earth when compared to other living beings.  But, in the recent research it is found that besides human beings there are many animals which sleep for long time without doing any work.  The name of that animal is Sloth which sleeps for 23 hours a day without any work. That is why, these sloths are recognized as the long sleeping and laziest animals in the world.  Sloths are Mammals.  These sloths mostly live on the trees.  These are found in middle and South America.  The size of these sloths will be like that of puppies.  The life span of the sloths is around 30 years.

The sloths will be active during night times.  The sleeping posture of sloths is very different where they bring their two legs together and their head on their hands and sleep on the trees.  The sleeping posture of the sloths appears as if it is a part of the tree and they do not appear as an animal unless observed carefully.  These sloths do not come down from the tree usually.  Though if they come down from the tree they do not walk but crawl.  During the time of floods , these animals can swim.  The digestive system of the sloths is very big and the digestion process will go on like a snail. The digestion process takes one month of time to complete this process.  That is the reason why, they sleep for a long time

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