Biggest Atlas ‘Earth Platinum’ has 128 pages-Earth Platinum price

Biggest Atlas ‘Earth Platinum’ has 128 pages-Earth Platinum price

Big atlas in the world-Earth Platinum is biggest Atlas in World

Earth Platinum is the biggest atlas in the world and this was designed by 100 people who worked hard for four years.

Earth Platinum atlas, Big atlas in the world

Earth Platinum is the biggest Atlas in the world

earth platinum

The world’s largest Atlas is of 150 Kgs weight and 6 feet length and 9 feet width. To turn the page of atlas we have to walk from one corner to the other. The name of this big book is “Earth Platinum”.  100 experts from the entire world, Photographers studied 4 years and developed this atlas. This consists of 128 pages.  The number of hours that are spent on making this atlas is equal to the number of hours a man works continuously without any break for 60 years. It has all the latest information about any country and also it has good photos about each country. These photos are also not ordinary photos. These are the photos taken in different angles of each place.  For example to publish the photo of the skyline of Shanghai of china city 12000 photos were taken. Computers could not preserve the volume of these photos. Biggest Atlas published by the Millennium House of Sydney of Australia expended 10 Lakh dollars to bring this book into its form. Only 31 copies of this book are published. Cost of each book is 50 Lakh rupees.  Before this Clunky Atlas was the largest. It is of length 5.9Ft, 6.3 ft width. It was published 350 Years before. It was presented by Dutch traders to England King Charles-2. The science of study and making of maps is called Cartography and people who do this are called Cartographers.

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