What Is Cast Paper Sculpture?

What Is Cast Paper Sculpture?

cast paper sculpture


Sixty six years old Allen Eckman of California is the inventor of new process of cast paper sculpture.  He and his wife have introduced this new art to the world.  Sculptures made in this art form look just like marble sculptures.  Intricate details are added to these sculptures by Allen Eckman.

Paper cast sculpture does not have any similarity with old methods.  Therefore Allen has named this method ‘Eckman method’ and also got the patent rights for this art form. A couple of thousands of sculptures have already been made in this procedure.

Acid free paper pulp is put in a machine and a thick paper that is suitable to make sculptures is prepared. This paper contains moisture.  Before this moisture is evaporated, vacuum pressure is used to create folds required for the sculpture.  Allen says that it is difficult to mould the paper as sculpture after the moisture is evaporated.

Paper cast sculptures are not as easy to make as molded sculptures.  This is the reason why there is a great demand for these sculptures world over.  Life span of these sculptures is not as little as paper.  Paper cast sculptures that are made by Eckman are very strong and last for long time.

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