Elements in Human Body

Elements in Human Body | Human Body Is Composed Primarily Of Oxygen, Hydrogen

Elements in Human Body
In the total body mass of the human being, 99% is made with only six types of elements. Those six elements are Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, phosphorous. In these six molecules, again oxygen, carbon, hydrogen occupy a major portion. In the total mass of human body   65% oxygen, 18.6% carbon, 9.7% hydrogen, 3.2% nitrogen, 1.8% calcium, 1.0% phosphorous are there.

Every cell in human body contains 65-90% water and so obviously, oxygen and hydrogen are also more in the body. In addition, carbon is also present in body cells.  Nitrogen is present in proteins, acids, and other organic substances in human body.   Bones, teeth have calcium. In every cell center, the phosphorous has one part. After these six elements the next five molecules are potassium 0.4%, sodium 0,2%, chlorine 0.2%, magnesium 0.06%, sulfur 0.04%.  Some other elements are also present in human body in small quantities.

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