Great Mathematician Expert…Ramanujam | Ramanujam Number

Great Mathematician Expert…Ramanujam | Ramanujam Number

At the age of 10 years joined in a school and became expert in mathematics when he attained to 13 years of age and recognized as a mathematical expert.  He makes surprised the world mathematicians.  He is none other than Srinivas Ramanujan.

When the mathematics class is going on in a school and when the teacher asked the students that if we share three bananas to three people then how many bananas each one would get?  All the students shouted one each.

Then another question raised that when 1000 fruits are shared to 1000 people then how many each will get and for which the answer is 1.

Then a student stood and raised a question that if zero fruits are shared to zero people then will the answer be one only teacher?  All the students  laughed for this question and The teacher was shocked and answered for this question as if we divide zero with zero the answer will be infinity means each person may get infinite number of fruits which is the wonder in mathematics.  The student who asked this typical question is none other than our Indian mathematician Srinivas Aiyangar Ramanujam who has an international fame.

Ramanujam was born on 1887 December 22nd in a village called Erode at Tamilnadu and proved to be a mathematical expert in his childhood itself.  All the seniors used to learn mathematics from him only.  He learned the complete Trigonometry at the age of 13 and invented new formulas in it.  Though he got good marks in mathematics, he was not awarded matriculation degree as he failed in other subjects. Whenever a paper is found he used to do some sort of mathematics on it and he used to fill every rough paper with the equations.  Even today also all the mathematicians used to refer the mathematical theorems which are available in those books and doing research on it.

Ramanujam sent around 120 mathematical theorems that are invented on his own to the Harde who is another mathematical expert at Cambridge.    Ramanujam is welcomed to England by Mr. Harde with his utmost happiness in the year 1914 and won the Royal Society Fellowship.  He invented many number of mathematical theorems.  But due to the unfavorable weather conditions, he affected to Cancer disease and returned back to India in the year 1919.  He passed away on 26 April 1920.

Ramanujam Number

The number 1729 is marked as a Ramanujam number in the number system of mathematics.  One fine day Mr. Harde came to Ramanujam’s house and said the taxi number 1729 in which he came to the ramanujam house has no specialty.  Then ramanujam disagreed for that and said that this is the smallest number in which cube roots of two numbers can be written in two different ways. According to him, 1729 = 13+123=93+103

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