Great Scientist : Hargobind Khorana Nobel Prize winner

Great Scientist : Hargobind Khorana Nobel Prize winner

Hargobind Khorana
A story of a small boy who completed his education by sitting under the shadow of a tree and won the most popular Nobel Prize is quite interesting to learn. His education started under a small tree and went to Cambridge University in England is quite interesting and it is the strength of education that made him to reach to the top of the heights. That is the power of education which is neglected by many students now days and later they have to repent for the mistake done today. Hargobind Khorana was born to a poor family in Punjab which is a part of Pakistan on January 9, 1922. Hargobind’s father was an accountant in a village and he wais the last among all the five children. Hargobind was an MSc graduate in biological science and went to England for higher studies with scholarship. There Hargobind did PhD and went to Zurich for higher studies and later on he did research from Cambridge University. One of the major question and problem that the scientists are facing is whether it is possible to form life in the laboratory artificially? Hargobind did research in this field and proved that it is possible to form the artificial Geans… which is called as the ESCHERICHI COLI. This new invention paved the way for the genetic engineering in the scientific field.  It is for this genetic engineering the Hargobind got the Nobel Prize.

The artificial geans is used in the biotechnology field for the cloning process, on new animals and for the plantation of new plants in the scientific field. Through this process the effected geans can be repaired and can also cure many dangerous diseases by using this treatment. Hargobind joined as a chemistry professor in 1970 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and retired in the year 2007. At present he is working as professor in the same university and celebrated his 89th birthday.

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