Great Scientists: Copernicus and Heliocentric theory

Great Scientists: Copernicus and Heliocentric theory


One need braveness and courage to defend a statement which is believed by all the people and by the caste…to put forward the against opinion on such belief need not only the courage and brevity but also the proof and examination. The Nicholas Copernicus is one such scientist who is brave enough to put forward the idea that earth rotates round.

Copernicus is born in the days when the people used to believe strongly that the sun is rotating round the earth because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In those days Copernicus had put forward a statement which is called as the Heliocentric theory. According to that theory, the planets and the earth are rotating round the sun but the sun is not rotating round them.

Copernicus is the fourth child of the parents who are well settled and rich in the year 1473 February 19 at Toran town. He lost his father at the early age only and was brought up by his uncle and became a scholar in astrology, space and mathematics. He did his law and doctorate in Italy and due to the lot of interest in studies he did his medicine too. Besides gaining many degrees Copernicus also gained knowledge in Latin, Greek, Persian, Polish, Italian languages.

As the health of the uncle is not good he came as a preacher in place of him and used to count the stars in the sky during night times and used to write something in the note book. To that calculation he joined the mathematics and framed a new theory called the Heliocentric Theory. He is the first person who made a statement that the earth revolves round the sun. Later on he wrote the book called “On The Revolution On The Celestial Spheres”.

The statement which is made by the Copernicus though it is against his policy of the preacher, later on it is proved by Galileo through his telescope. Later on the statement and the theory became the base for the Kepler theories and principles and for the Newton’s gravitational force.

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