Great Scientists: Electric Bulb inventor Thomas Alva Edison | Edison inventions

Great Scientists: Electric Bulb inventor| Edison inventions

Thomas Alva Edison
The teachers sent him to the home as soon as he joined the school saying that he is a fool and lazy candidate and had no interest in studies. The boy who is abandoned from the school had learnt everything from his mother and became a great scientist and researcher who had invented 1093 items and products for the amazement of all the people. He is none other than Thomas Alva Edison who is a famous American Scientist. He is born in Milan of American in the year 1847, February 11. He is very much interested in experiments from the early age only and became a great scientist in the world in the scientific field.

Once when he went to his relative’s house along with his parents and observed the grass that is burning in the stove and Edison burnt the blade of grass in the garden and by that act, the whole farm in the garden is set to fire and became ash. When Edison is asked by his parents what is this , he just said that he wanted to know how the fire travels from place to the other quickly. In other situation, Edison found sleeping on the ground facing the sky when his mother reached home from shopping. When Edison is asked what he is doing by sleeping like that, he take out an egg below his stomach and said that he is seeing whether he too can take the egg from the stomach just like the hen. That funny experimented Edison started earning money by selling the sweets and news papers in the railway stations.

As Edison is very much interested in the telegraph field, he joined as a worker in the telegraph department and reached to the position of a supervisor. Later on Edison started doing experiments in the laboratory which is established by him by his own salary and used to find interesting things by spending 20 hours in the laboratory. Though there are many experiments which are done on the electricity, Edison is the first to invent the electric bulb which is useful for all the people. He faced failure many times by using different types of filaments in inventing the electric bulb and finally in the year 1879, he invented the electric bulb which works continuously for 40 hours. He is also the inventor of the phonogram and the cinema projector, where we can see the moving pictures. People used to come in groups in large numbers to watch the projector and in those days special train is run for travelling of the people who came to watch the projector and the phonogram. In those days, that laboratory is used as the American National Memorial Building.

The patent rights which are given for Edison for the inventions done by him are there till 1093. It is the minimum responsibility as a human being to remember Edison whenever we switch on the light which is useful for us in our daily life in many ways. In one word we can say that Edison id the light giver of our lives.

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