Green Buildings

Green Buildings | Green Buildings Utilize Less Electricity and Are Environmental Friendly

green builings
The buildings which are environmental friendly are called green buildings. These green buildings not only protect the environment from pollution but also protect the health of the people who live in it. These buildings are designed in such a way that plenty of air and light enters the building. The consumption of power will be very less when compared to the normal buildings.   Though the investment will be more because of using the items which are recycled as building material, there will be many uses in future. Construction of the buildings with glasses is increasing in the cities and with that construction, the usage of AC and power consumption is also increasing.  In Europe constructions are made with glass in order to protect themselves from cold. Around 40% of the power in the world is utilized for the construction of the buildings. Around 40% of the wastage from the municipalities is coming from the buildings only. The Chloroform Carbons (CFC) which are responsible for the damage of the ozone layer are released from buildings. We are even backward in using the rain water. If one can save the rain water and store them in a proper way, the problem of water in the cities and towns can be controlled. Underground water level also increases with this.

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