Hands move unintentionally while walking

Hands move unintentionally while walking | Scientific balancing principle exists behind hands movement



While we are walking, our hands are also moved unintentionally. There is a scientific principle concerning balance behind it. This hands’ movement helps to restrict the movement of central portion of the body and also to protect the body’s energy. When we are walking, some forces will be acting on us. Consider a central axis through our body from top to bottom. While walking, when we keep our right leg forward, then one force will be acting around the axis. This is known as Rotational moment. Due to this moment, our entire body tries to rotate around the central axis. If it rotates then we lose the balance and fell down. To nullify this force, another force has to be applied in opposite direction to it. This force gets applied when we move our left hand forward. That means, the force produced by moving the right leg forward is balanced by the force produced by moving left hand forward.

It is not possible to move right hand forward when right leg is kept forward & to move left hand forward when left leg is moved forward. That means it is not possible to move either right hand & right leg or left hand & left leg in the same direction at a time. If we made it possible, we feel uncomfortable as the force applies on us due to it tends to bend our body.  It becomes impossible if we try to run in this way.

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