How many days will take the Ostriches hatch their eggs? | Ostrich egg size

How many days will take the Ostriches hatch their eggs? | Ostrich egg size

Ostriches hatch their eggs
Hatching period will be different in different species of birds. Also there are differences due to the temperature of the environment, and the seasons. As we all know hens take 21 days to hatch their eggs while the hatching period of pigeons is 14 to 18 days. Also the taucan bird’s hatching period is 18 days and that of the swan is 30 days. The hatching period of the biggest bird, Ostrich is 42 to 50 days. Eggs of Ostrich will also be bigger in size. They will be having 11 cm of breadth and 18 cm of length and weighs around 1.4 kgs. One Ostrich’s egg will be equal to nearly two and a half dozens of hen’s eggs.

Generally birds build their nest on the trees, on big rocks, in caves, or to the rooves of the houses. Some birds make a burrow in the soil and lay eggs there. Although some birds don’t hatch their young ones, many birds hatch their eggs and take care of them until they are grown up and earn their food. Hatching of the eggs is taken up by either male or female bird or sometimes both of them alternatively. But some birds like cuckoo don’t take up the responsibility of hatching the eggs, instead they lay eggs on other nests.

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