Hyenas are nocturnal-Hyenas gestation period is 90 – 110 days

Hyenas are nocturnal-Hyenas gestation period is 90 – 110 days

Hyena Facts



Hyena is a mammal that is found in Africa and South Asia. These are carnivorous.

  • Scientific name of hyenas is Crocuta Crocuta
  • There are four species in Hyena. They are the Stripped hyena, Brown hyena, Spotted hyena and aardwolf.
  • Hyenas make sound that is similar to human laugh. People therefore use the word ‘Laughing Hyena’.
  • Hyenas consume three to four kilograms of meat every day.
  • Aardwolves mostly eat insects.
  • Spotted hyenas weight between 45 – 82 kgs.
  • It is not easy to distinguish between male and female hyenas.
  • Female hyenas weight more than the males.
  • Female hyenas are large and strong may be because they have to protect the off springs from male hyenas which have cannibalistic tendencies.
  • Hyenas are nocturnal.
  • Spotted hyenas are the most popular.
  • Hyenas are found in Savannas, Woodlands, mountain, grasslands and forest edge.
  • Hyenas eat flesh, skin, bones and droppings of other animals.
  • Since ages, hyenas have been domesticated by human being.
  • Female hyenas are dominant over males.
  • Hyenas can stay without water for many years.
  • Gestation period of hyenas is 90 – 110 days.
  • Largest Hyenas are the spotted hyena.
  • Lifespan of Hyenas is 25 years in captivity.

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