Is hyena dangerous animal? | What are the types of hyena and where they are found?

Is hyena dangerous animal? | What are the types of hyena and where they are found?


We remember the lions and tigers when we think of dangerous animals. We believe that the hyna is not a dangerous one. Hyena will be like a big dog and small fox and its legs are short at the back than the front. Its head is big and it shouts like the human laugh. It has black spots on its body. Their teeth are very sharp and they can even eat the bones. They move in groups and they kill the animal which comes there. They eat as much as dangerous animals eat but they even won’t leave the bones and horns. They even eat the hair on the animals and their digestive capacity is more.

There are four types of hynas and three types are in Africa only. Another type of hyna is in India and other Asian countries. The hynas divide in to groups and move to an area. They keep the borders and stay in that place only. Hyna from one group should not go to another area and they select a place to excrete. African people believe that the devils change into hynas. The scientists from California did research on it and they came to know the meaning of their laughs by recording them. If one of the hynas laughs, other hynas can understand the facts like whether it is male or female, age and why is it shouting. They can also know whether it is in danger or it got the food.

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