Do kids have more bones that elder people?

Do kids have more bones that elder people?

kids bonesDo kids have more bones than elder people? As everybody knows the number of bones in a fully grown up human being is 206.  But many does not know that the number vary in children.  They may also think that since they are kids the number of bones may be less in them.  But the body of children has more bones than in the elders.  The number of bones in children is 300.  In the process of growing up some of these bones join with each other and become 206.  If the Sternum bone is counted as 3 bones, the number of bones in elders is 208.  The smallest bone in human beings is in the middle of the ear.  It is around 0.11 inches long.  The biggest and largest bone is the thigh bone, Femur.  The length of Femur bone in a common male person is about 48cm long.  Femur bone and Temporal bone in skull are the strongest bones in human body.

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