Do kids grow while they are in sleep?

Do kids grow while they are in sleep?

It is believed that children grow tall in sleep. Therefore parents let their children sleep for more time when there is opportunity. It is true that children grow tall during sleeping.  This is only because of the spinal cord.

There are 33 bones exist in spinal cord. These bones are connected with nerves with each other. There is jelly like soft material   in between these bones. This material will be one -fourth of the back bone.          The length of the back bone is proportional to the thickness of the jelly.  If the thickness is more then the back bone length is more.  As a result people grow tall.

The jelly material takes nutrients by absorbing some type of liquids. While the body is in rest condition, i.e., not doing any work, the jelly absorbs more liquid and expands its size.  As a result the length of the back bone increases.

While sleeping the height of the body grows from 8 milli meters to an inch.   However, while doing the activities like standing, sitting, due to magnetic power of the earth results dispensing of the liquids.  So after wake up the body length decreases and comes to the original size.  So any one can try and check the lengths before and after the sleep to know the result.

2 thoughts on “Do kids grow while they are in sleep?

  1. This page is a load of utter crap. I searched for “Do children grow while sleeping?” and unfortunately this page, which has no scientific validity at all, was the 2nd hit from Google.

    You write “However, while doing the activities like standing, sitting, due to magnetic power of the earth results dispensing of the liquids.”

    However, the Earth’s magnetic field at the surface is about 0.31–0.58 gauss while a refrigerator magnet is about 50 gauss.

    If you think a field that is 1/150th the strength of a refrigerator magnet can affect the height of a child, you have no business writing a webpage on this topic and should immediately delete this page so as not to mislead the public in the future..

  2. How strong a magnet can be but it cannot attract pure non magnetic substance…in the same way, a refrigerator magnet power may be stronger than the earth’s magnetic field at surface but earth’s magnetic field means it can attract any object, no matter of a non magnetic or a magnetic substance. As the liquid is non magnetic of course it cannot attract to a refrigerator magnet. That is the difference between a normal magnet and earth’s magnetic field.

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