Cheetah uniqueness – Cheetah is the fastest running animal

Cheetah uniqueness – Cheetah is the fastest running animal


  • Cheetah is the fastest running animal on the earth.
  • Within 3 seconds Cheetah pickups 100kmph.
  • Cheetah catches the fast running animal and eats after 30mins relaxation.
  • The weight of cheetah varies from 39-65 Kgs.
  • ·         The scientific name of cheetah is “Acinonyx  jubatus”.
  • ·         In Greece Acinonyx means, paw that cannot be taken back.
  • ·         In Latin Jubatus means fur.
  • ·         Cheetah is the Sanskrit word meaning having colorful body.
  • ·         Cheetahs are nocturnal, they hunt their prey at night.
  • Cheetahs’ tail is as long as its body. This helps to balance the body.

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