What is the life span of octopus?

 What is the life span of octopus?


Octopus is eight leg creatures.  Because of lack of skeleton octopus can go into small places also.  The life time of octopus is less.  Some type of octopus lives six months only.  Octopus is the wisest creature among skeleton less creatures.  In North Pacific area if all the conditions are in favor then they live for nearly five years.  Reproduction is the cause for the death of octopuses.  The male octopus dies a few days after mating.   Female octopuses die after their babies come out of the eggs.

These octopuses neglect to take food about one month for protecting their eggs.  But this is not the cause for their death.  They die because of endocrine enzyme which is produced from the optic glands.  According to scientists, if these glands are removed by operation then octopuses can live for long time.

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