Liquid crystals are very useful

Liquid crystals are very useful | Liquid crystals are used in making stronger objects

Liquid crystals
There are many uses with Polymer Liquid Crystals. So scientists started doing research on them. These Liquid crystals are classified Lyotropic and Thermotrophic liquid crystals. According to the gene based researches done, Lyotropic liquid crystals are very much useful in various applications. These are used currently for making ultimate stronger threads.

Already stronger products like Kelvar-29 and Kelvar-49 are being manufactured using the Lyotropic liquid crystals. These are used in making the things which should bear very high wear and tear. Kelvar-49 is being used in making the bullet proof devices, in cable manufacturing and in the plastic reinforcements. These things would be stronger and lighter. So they play key role in making the devices and equipment required for space research and Navy construction purposes.

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