How Do Loggerhead Turtles navigate In the Darker Areas Under Sea?

How Do Loggerhead Turtles navigate In the Darker Areas Under Sea?

Loggerhead Turtle
Humans require compass or any device like Global Positioning System to locate himself in any unknown place on earth and to know the directions. But a specific kind of tortoise can navigate without help of any external source. This tortoise kind named Loggerhead is a miracle for even scientists. This tortoise navigates with the help of the Magnetic Field of the Earth. This is the only creature on earth having this kind of ability.

Migration of animals is a miracle basically. The animals residing on the upper surface of earth and birds can navigate itself with the help of vision but it is very difficult to roam in the highly darker places under sea. The head of the loggerhead tortoise is larger and thus named as Loggerhead. These turtles can grow up to a length of 4 meters and weight of 135 kg. These turtles reside in Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans and sometimes migrate up to a distance of more than 15,000 kilometers.

Scientists have conducted an experiment to find out the secret behind the abnormal ability of these turtles. Small baby turtles were introduced into a large circular tub filled with sea water. This tub was surrounded by magnetic field and the strength of the magnetic field was changed very often. Scientists have observed that the turtles were moving very perfectly in the deep darkness as per the changes in the magnetic field induction.

The magnetic field strength on earth decreases when moved from median of earth to the poles. And the strength of magnetic field also varies with the axis.

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