Parrot fish eats the coral reeves and excrete white sand

Parrot fish eats the coral reeves and excrete white sand | Teeth of parrot fish grow throughout their life

parrot fis
Parrot fish changes its color by itself. Female one transforms to male. It bites Coral reeves.

In some countries, sand at sea shore will be white in color.  These white beaches are formed because of Parrot fishes. It can also be called as bird’s beak fish because teeth of it are strong, just like beak of a bird. Just like how parrots bite guava fruit, these fishes used to bite Coral reeves. It was food to them.

Later parrot fishes excrete the undigested waste as white sand.  That white sand gets accumulated at sea shore. That’s why beaches near Coral reeves have white and soft sand at their shores. Due to each parrot fish almost 90 kilograms of white sand gets accumulated at the shore per year. Parrot fishes live mostly near the regions of Coral reeves. Their teeth grow throughout their life time.

These fishes can transform from female ones to males when ever they want. When the leader of their herd dies, one of the female fish transforms to the male one. They are 100 species in these fishes. Except one specimen, all other species have this transformation capability. Moreover these parrot fishes are able to change their skin colors as per their interest.

Parrot fishes sleep at corners and gaps of rocks. They release white jelly substance called Mucus, from their mouth. With that they cover the entire body. Because to keep them safe from the threat of enemies and insects. Their enemies can’t identify them in that form. Some parrot fishes dig pits in the sand and sleep there. These fishes are taken as favorite dish in many countries. These fishes grow in length from 30 to 120 cms. Their life time is 7 years.

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