Pipefish looks like snake and its muzzle looks like a duck’s beak

Pipefish looks like snake and its muzzle looks like a duck’s beak | Male Pipe fishes   take care of eggs

Pipefish is just like a snake. It looks as if snake is attached to the fish’s head. Its muzzle is similar to that of a duck’s beak. Moreover, its body is colorful with many stripes. It looks like a thin pipe. Hence it is named as Pipefish. They belong to the species of sea horses which wander around the water plants at the bottom of the sea.

Pipefish has a special feature. It is a good father. In pipefishes, female ones just lay eggs and won’t take care of them. Male fishes take full responsibility of eggs laid. They protect the eggs with utmost care and hatch them. Every male pipefish has a bag like thing attached to its body. Female fish lays eggs in the bag and goes off. From then onwards male fish takes care of eggs. It carries the eggs all the time. Eggs are hatched in that bag only. After hatching, baby pipefishes come out of bag one by one. It looks as if male fish is giving birth to babies directly. Baby pipefishes scatter to different directions as soon as they come out of the bag. Sometimes, female pipefish lays more than 100 eggs. Male one even doesn’t take food until the eggs are hatched and become babies.

Recently scientists of Texas University have done research on the pipefish and declared another fact about the pipe fishes. Based on the experiments they have conducted, they came to know that some times male fishes behave cruelly. At times of need in compulsory nutrients, male ones would eat away its eggs. Male ones even do this if they are angry with female ones also.

Pipefish’s muzzle is just like a duck’s beak. They have a small mouth at the end of muzzle. These fishes don’t have teeth. They swallow the small creatures directly into their mouth with slurping sound.  There are 200 species of pipe fishes in the world. They grow to a length of 35 to 40 centimeters. They look beautiful with colorful stripes. So these are also kept in aquarium.

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