Principle of Pressure cooker-Pressure Cooker Advantages

Principle of Pressure cooker-Pressure Cooker Advantages

pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is works upon the principle that as the pressure increases the temperature at which water boils increases.  The pressure is built in the cooker allowing the water in the cooker to rise to higher temperature before it starts boiling. So because of this high temperature the cooking becomes faster.

The Pressure is built in the cooker by means of the valve ad the Gasket around the lid. Cooker is made of aluminum or the stainless steel material and the valve is closed using a weight. The gasket around the lid prevents the water from flowing out of the container. So the pressure is built up in the cooker and so the temperature at which it boils becomes more. Due to this high temperature the food gets cooked fast. If the pressure becomes more than that is required the vapor escapes from the valve. This can be observed by us in form of the whistle sounds.

Advantages of pressure cooker

  • The food in large quantities is cooked much faster than in any other method.
  • The food is cooked at more than the usual boiling point of water and so it is microorganisms safe.
  • Pressure cooker can also be used as sterilizer for glass baby bottles.
  • The minimum quantity of water is used so there is no danger of the vitamins and minerals from the food getting leached as they dissolve in water.
  • Pressure cooker is very helpful at higher altitudes where less atmospheric pressure is observed.

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