Reason why Plants Shed their Leaves-Autumn Leaves Fall

Reason why Plants Shed their Leaves-Autumn Leaves Fall

Autumn Leaves Fall

Plants need the temperature for their survival. For some reason if the temperatures fall beyond a certain level the roots of trees get no energy to take water from the soil. As the summer gets away days start to become shorter, the autumn sets in. The sunlight for the trees will be vey meager. Hence the roots of leaves do not work properly in these conditions,

At these cold temperatures the leaves cannot endure these conditions and become yellow in color due to the absence of the pigment called chlorophyll. Then the leaves get cut at the base of it where leaves are attached to the tree. Then the leaf gets dried up and finally falls. The tree can no longer send the water to the leaves from the roots. The tree prepares to these freezing conditions by shedding their leaves.

If water is not sent not only the leaves fall off but the tree dies but up to sometime the nutrients stored in the trunk and other parts give life to the tree up to sometime. As the spring season is set again small twigs slowly appear and develop into leaves and finally the tree appears green in color again.

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