Seals are very intelligent creatures-Seals feed on fishes

Seals are very intelligent creatures-Seals feed on fishes

Seal Facts



Seals are found in all places of the world and there are 33 known species of seals.  Seals are the marine mammals that belong to Otariidae family.

  • Seals are very intelligent creatures.
  • Seal can swim under water for nearly two hours by holding their breath.
  • Seals can go very deep into the seas, searching for food.
  • Seals live on fishes.  Unlike dolphins and whales, seals give birth to their babies on land.
  • Seals are very curious and it can be observed that they go behind boats.
  • The largest of all seals is the elephant seal which measures 16 feet long and 2,700 kilograms weight.
  • Seals spend only twenty percent of their time on land.
  • Seals have more blood in their body than their size.
  • Female seals offer their off springs which is rich in fat.
  • Seals have no strong defences against predators and so they stay extremely close to each other.

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