How Can a Ship Be Built in A Bottle?

How Can a Ship Be Built in A Bottle?

Impossible BottleWho do not feel good on seeing a ship inserted into the glass bottles? So there is a trick to build a ship in bottle. The technique is called as Full Thread Technique. With the help of this technique, while making the ships, they are designed in such a way that a kind of folding is arranged where the boat will be expanded by pulling one part of the thread. So when those toys are placed in the bottle and by pulling the thread, the boat will be expanded and comes to its original shape. This thread will be very thin. Historians are estimating that this kind of art has emerged in the 16th century onwards. Not only the boats are prepared in this way, but even other kinds of toys can also be prepared in this technique. With the advanced techniques and measures, many new techniques are implemented in the making of these toys. One feels amazed of seeing such large and big items in a small glass bottle. This wonderful artistic creativity is also called as ‘Impossible Bottle’.

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