Why Does A Ship Float on Water?

Why Does A Ship Float on Water?

The items which are having more density than the water density will go down into the water when they are dropped in the water. In the same way, if an item is dropped in the water and if it floats, then the density of that item is less than that of the water density. The items like wood, paper and so on when placed on the water floats due to less density. But when the items like iron, steel and so on sink into the water as their density is more than the water density. But, most of the people will get a doubt that why the ship which is made or iron and other hard metals do not sink into the water but floats on the water? The reason behind this is when an iron piece is placed into the water, the volume of water iron piece displaces is less than the volume of the iron piece. That is the reason why, most of the hard metals like iron will sink into the water when they are placed into the water.

But as the ship is made of iron, due to its specific shape, it occupies a large place than the normal ones.  That is why the ship will float on the water. During the times of danger, when hole is formed in the ship, the water will come into the ship and the weight of the ship will be increased. At that time, the density of the boat will be more than the water density which is displaced due to the weight of the boat. This results in the sinking of the ship. It is amazing that if the ship sinks to more depth in rivers, they sink less in the oceans. The reason for this is the difference between the density of the water in the rivers and in the oceans. This means, the water density of the river is less when compared to that of the water density of the ocean.

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