Types of Bees

Types of  Bees | Honey Bees Are One among 20,000 Bee Species

Honey Bees
Honey Bee is the only creature which prepares food for the human beings. Besides honey, even the wax is available from the honey bees which are used for making candles. Honey bees are very hard working creatures. Honey bees have to collect the honey from around fifty lakh of flowers in order to make one kilo of honey. The distance which is travelled by the honey bees to collect the honey from the flowers is equal to travelling around earth for four times. Honey bees are one among 20, 000  bee species. Honey bees belongs to the ‘Apis’ family. Though some species of bees also collect the honey from the flowers,     Apis family bees are considered as the honey bees. In the past around six to eleven types of honey bees were recognized. But at present, there are only seven kinds of bees that exist. In those seven kinds, there are 44 sub divisions. The ‘Apis Mille Fera’ is the common kind of honey bee which is seen everywhere. The bees like ‘Apis Floria’ which is seen in South Asia and ‘Apis Andreniformis’ are small in size. These bees are called as micrapis. Whereas, the bees which belongs to ‘Apis Dorsata’ are very big in size and are called  Megapis.

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