Walking Race in Asian Games…Rules to be followed in competition

Walking Race in Asian Games…Rules to be followed in competition

walking race

The Asian Games in television are known to everyone in the world. The same is even with the Olympic Games too. The running races and the walking races are often conducted in those international games. Keeping these entire aside, what is the difference between runnings, walking and racing? These are not the differences which are been observed and decided based on the inhaling and exhaling of the breath, and the reasons which are responsible for the cause of sweat. It is very easy to recognize the running in the competitions. The running can be easily and clearly observed through running fast by pushing the body towards front. But, in the competitions, the running cannot be recognized easily. The people who participated in the running race have to walk very carefully. According to the international regulations and rules, one foot must touch the ground while walking. On the other hand, when one feet is been lifted from the ground, the other has to touch the ground immediately. Another rule is the leg has to be straight when a step is been placed on the ground. Which means, the knee should not be bended or folded while walking. That is why, the people who participate in the walking races used to move fast with full pressure and movement.

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