Whales are mammals

Whales are mammals | Whales have characteristics of mammals in all aspects | Whales give high density milk to their babies | Whales give birth in less number

Some people make mistake in thinking that whales belong to the species of fishes. It is because their body shape that resembles the fish. But whales belong to the species of mammals. Mammal means an animal which gives milk to their babies. Like other mammals, whales are also hot blooded animals. They breathe similarly to that of other mammals. Whales have hair over their skin. They give milk to baby whales through milk glands. Similar to the cow species, male whales are called bulls, female whales are called cows and baby whales are called calves.

Female whales after giving the birth, sprinkle highly density milk just like that of tooth paste into the mouths of baby whales. Whales give milk and bring up their babies carefully for a year. Some whales bring up their babies for more than one year. Through this, strong relation is formed between the mother whale and baby whale. After attaining the age of 7-10 years whale is capable for reproduction. Although whales give birth in less number, very less infant deaths occur and most of them live.

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