What is the contribution of Galileo Galilei to astronomy? | Was Galileo lost his sight because of his expeiments?

What is the contribution of Galileo Galilee to astronomy? | Was Galileo lost his sight because of his experiments?

Galileo Galilee
In 1530, Copernicus said that the earth is rotating around the sun and not the sun is rotating around the earth. And after 80 years after him an Italian scientist proved it successfully. The Italian scientist is Galileo Galilei and he was not afraid to tell the truth even though the religion heads would be angry on him. Galileo worked as the professor in a popular university for the astronomy subject and he took the instrument prepared by the Netherlands scientist and prepared the telescope based on it. With the help of this, he found many astronomy facts.

In 1610, he found the four satellites of the Jupiter named Europa, Lo, Ganymede and Callisto and he was the first person to see them with eyes. He had found new facts about mercury, Jupiter and Venus but he was confused in the case of Saturn as there were rings around it. He had also done many experiments on the sun and moon surfaces and Galileo had found that the spots on the suns surface change the position as the time goes on. He had found that the sun rotates around itself with the help of the spots and these facts were very sour for the catholic heads. Galileo was house arrested in 1632 but he continued his inventions up to ten years after that. Galileo did not take care for his eyes while seeing the sun and he lost his sight. Galileo remained blind for the rest of his life. The contribution of Galileo had created a revolution in the astronomy.

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