Who is Galileo Galilei? | What is his contribution to physics?

Who is Galileo Galilee? | What is his contribution to physics?

Galileo Galilee
Galileo Galilee is the scientist who discovered that the earth is rotating around the sun. Galileo is a great philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. Galileo was born in Pisa in Italy on February in 1564 and he was the eldest in his family. He had learnt the education near his father until 11 years and he joined in the college to learn the medical science subject on his fathers wish. Galileo later on got interest in mathematics and started doing research in it. We can also say that he was the first person to see the planetary bodies using a telescope. Before Galileo, Copernicus told that the planets are moving around the sun and Galileo proved this with the help of the telescope. Galileo found the spots on the sun, phases of Venus and Jupiter planet. Galileo also invented the compass which is used in the measure various measurements. Galileo also proved that the one pound and 100 pounds object fall on the earth at the same time and he said that the belief that was believed by the people was wrong. The religion heads at that time opposed Galileo and stopped the printing of the Galileo books. They sentenced him to jail in 1623. Galileo lost his eye sight in the jail and died at the age of 78 years. The book named Two New Sciences written by Galileo is the basis for the present physics principles.

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  1. Galileo was the first to observe sun through his telescope and first to stat using telescope in over the world.

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